What is Awaken Your Power about?

Awaken Your Power, is about realizing that our thoughts create our reality. It’s about understanding that we have the ability to use the quantum power of our thoughts to attract people, situations, and things into our lives that support whatever we are thinking about. In this way we can create our own opportunities or luck to live a happier, healthier, more successful life. This book discusses how the universal laws give us the missing rules to the game of life we all play.

What are the universal laws?

The universal laws are laws of nature that are energy based.  They state that, at the most basic level, everything is energy, and what makes one thing different from another is something called a vibrational frequency.  These laws act as the missing rules to the game of life.  They also teach us that energy is circular and whatever energy we choose will ultimately come back to us. The universal laws help us to manage our stress, happiness and success.

What is a vibrational frequency?

Energy cannot be created or destroyed but it can change forms. What makes one thing different from another is something called a vibrational frequency.  A vibrational frequency acts like a DNA code that tells energy what to manifest into.  Each thought, emotion, word, action, person, place, or thing has its own unique vibrational frequency.

If everything has its own unique vibrational frequency then how can we share that frequency with our thoughts?

It is true that each person, place or thing is vibrationally unique, but we can still share characteristics that have the same vibrational frequency. An example of this is when people choose to express the same emotions of love or hate. Whatever emotion we choose to express we are aligning with that frequency and bringing other things like it into our lives.

What is the law of attraction?

The law of attraction is one of the universal laws and it states that like-type energy is attracted to itself.  Applied to our reality, it means that our thoughts attract similar people, situations, and events, into our lives that match our mental focus. This can be a good or a bad thing depending on what you are thinking about.

How does the law of attraction work?

The law of attraction uses “resonance” where the vibrational frequency of your thoughts align with other people, events, situations, and things that reside on the same vibrational frequency.  If you focus your thoughts on something long enough, and with emotion, you will begin to experience random events in your life that match the frequency of your thoughts, words, and actions.

A good mental example of vibrational frequencies is a radio dial. If you wanted to listen to Country music you might turn to the Country station on the frequency of 105.1 FM, if you wanted to listen to Rock music you might turn to the Rock station on 98.5 FM. If you wanted to listen to Hip-Hop you might turn to the Hip-Hop station on 102.5.  The point is that you will not hear Country music on a Rock station, or Rock music on a Hip-Hop station.  Each station (frequency) has its own characteristics that make it unique.

Our thoughts are no different.  Acting like a radio dial example, they align and attract with the energy (vibrational frequency) of whatever we are thinking about. In science, this is called resonance. It’s when two things are able to interact with each other on the same frequency.So when you are focused on thoughts and feelings that are happy you will be aligned with the frequency of those characteristics and you will find that you are able to attract more happy things into your life that support your mental focus.  Unfortunately, this also works with negative emotions. If you are consistently worried, stressed, or fearful you are aligned and resonating with those emotions which is attracting more situations with those emotions into your life.

How do desires manifest into reality?

Using the law of attraction, our desires usually manifest for us by showing up in coincidence or “luck” happenings that support whatever we are thinking about.  Luck is defined as the force that brings good fortune or adversity.  We have control over this force through the thoughts that we think.

When will my desires manifest?

With the law of attraction, we have control over what we want to create but we don’t get to choose how and when it will show up. That is the job of the universe.  Trust that the universe will bring you your desire in the way and a time  frame that is best for you.

How does science (Quantum Physics) support the claims of these laws?

-Einstein’s famous formula E-mc2 support the law of oneness showing that energy and matter are the same thing just in different forms.

Entanglement  supports the law of oneness by showing that everything is connected.

Wave Particle Duality (The Double Slit Experiment) supports the law of oneness and the law of attraction by showing that energy can travel both as energy and as sub-atomic particles of matter, and that we as human beings can, at a sub-atomic level,  affect how energy manifests with our thoughts and observations.

-String Theory support the law of vibration that vibrations act like DNA for energy to build into matter.

 What are you processes for the law of attraction?

Through my own research and trial and error experiences with the law of attraction I have developed two processes for mastering the law of attraction. The first process is the Focus, Feel, and Expect process. This process is meant to be the quick and easy process to use the law of attraction. There are times when the law of attraction can be difficult to use, for those times I have created the Nine A’s to Acing the Law of Attraction Checklist. In Awaken Your Power, these processes are listed along with a section on how to troubleshoot the law of attract and even rare times with the law of attraction doesn’t work.

When are those times when the Law of attraction doesn’t work?

Awaken Your Power discusses times when there are “preplanned” or fateful (karmic)  life events that are meant to happen in our lives. During these times, occasionally our ability to use the law of attraction to manifest out of these situations is temporarily halted until the experience or lesson has been played out.  It is important to remember that no matter what happens to us in life, we almost always have an ability to affect the outcome of any event that happens to us.

How have you used these laws in your life?

These laws have given me a deeper understanding of how we interact with energy.  They have allowed me to live a happier more balanced life.  I’ve used these laws to overcome great challenges and to achieve lofty goals.  Anyone can master these laws to do the same in their own lives.

Will I be able to live a perfect life once I master these laws?

These laws teach us skills on how to manage our energy so that we can successfully handle whatever we experience in life. Even thought we can use our minds to attract the future we wish to experience, there will always be some challenges to face.  Life appears to be more about experiencing growth than achieving perfection. Growth comes from facing challenges and overcoming them.

What is the thirty-day empowerment program about?

It’s a thirty-day empowerment program teaches the necessary character traits to master the universal laws.  This program teaches how we can master our own energy by consciously choosing our thoughts and emotions. In this way we gain control over the situations we experience in life. Once these traits are mastered we are able to create and attract any life we desire.