Empowerment Life Coaching

Empowerment Life Coaching is for those who are ready to take the next leap towards their success by receiving personal one-on-one coaching with Awaken Your Power’s author, Joe Rapisarda.  Learn to master the law of attraction and other universal laws and become a conscious creators of your own reality.



Joe is a certified professional life coach who works to share his decade worth of experience in the specialized material listed in the Awaken Your Power to help clients to be happier, healthier, and more successful. Click here to see Joseph Rapisarda’s Life Coaching Certification.


The Empowerment Life Coaching Program includes:

via telephone or locally in person.

  • Learn how to use the quantum power of the mind to attract success, good health and happiness into your life.
  • Learn to master the law of attraction.
  • Learn the universal laws – Nature’s rules for life that affect us all.
  • Discover what you need to do go from surviving to thriving!
  • Establish a vision and plan for your future.
  • Set goals and life priorities.
  • Discuss successes and challenges.
  • Receive weekly fine-tunings to correct manifestations roadblocks.
  • Experience consistent positive reinforcement so that you can stay focused.
  • Receive structured accountability for your goals.
  • Enjoy the comfort knowing that your are not alone in your quest for your desire.

Who is a candidate for coaching?

Anyone who wants a better life!  If you have needs you can benefit from empowerment coaching. Coaching can help you to attain:

  • Happiness
  • Perfect Health
  • Healing from illness
  • Love
  • The perfect job
  • Wealth
  • Success
  • Self Empowerment
  • Become a conscious creator of your future
  • A spiritual awakening (if that is what you desire)
  • Anything you desire.
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