Finding a Mentor = Success

“All great masters in any great endeavor of life first had an excellent mentor.” – Chinese Proverb

This is a great piece of wisdom. If you want to excel at something find out who is the best in that field and then read everything you find about them. Then emulate your life after theirs. You see, success leaves clues. By following a someone who is a proven success in your field of interest you will be on the fast track of knowledge and cut out years of trial and error learning experiences.

I wish I had known this when I first started doing mortgage financing over 20 years ago. I was bound and determined to be successful. I worked hard and through learning from my mistakes I eventually became very successful. But what I noticed is that there were people who had been in the business only a few years who were doing close to the same amount of volume that I was doing. When I asked one man how he was doing so well after only a few years, he replied, “I simply found out who was the top person in the industry and then started doing the things they did to be successful. I copied their success.”

So what you are interested in doing is not the important point here. What is important is to find a mentor and follow their success. This is the fast track to growth.

Who has been a mentor to you in your life? I would love to hear about it. Just post a comment.

Until next time, remember that your thoughts are the things that attract the life you experience.

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The Price of Wisdom

In this story, a man on his journey up the mountain came across Jesus and Buddha sitting down together.  The man was so inspired that he chose to ask them a question.

“How can I become wise and enlightened?” Asked the man.

Jesus and Buddha looked at each other and replied together, “Good Judgment.”

The man then asked, “How do I get good judgment?”

Jesus and Buddha then smiled and replied together, “Poor Judgment.”

I love this story because it shows us that our challenges and mistakes in life are a very important part of our growing experience.  When we experience a hardship or a mistake in life we have an opportunity to overcome that situation and to learn from it.  A perfect life with no mistakes is a life with no growth.  So the next time you face a challenge or have to overcome a mistake, see it as an opportunity for self improvement. We are all learning as we go. Some of us are learning more than others. The trick in life is not to make the same mistake twice.

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