The Season for Giving – The Law of Compensation

The law of compensation is one of the universal laws–which are nature’s rules for life. When we learn to master these laws we can influence energy to attract life experiences that match our desires.

The law of compensation states that whatever we give to others will eventually come back to us.

This is because, at the most basic level, everything is energy, and this energy travels in a circular nature. This means that the energy you give out will come back to you in one form or another.  So it is wise to give whatever you want to receive.  If you want money then share some of it with others. If you want love then give it.  If you want attention then give it. Whatever you want, give it and you will attract it into your life. It’s nice to give just to see someone else befit from your actions, but it’s also an added benefit knowing you are building up good Karma and attraction back into your life whatever you are giving. So enjoy giving this holiday season.

Happy Holidays
Joe Rapisarda