The Law of Cause and Effect (Karma) – Summarized

“Everything abides by the law of cause and effect” – Open Your Mind, Open Your Life

The law of cause and effect, also known as Karma, says the energy you give out through your thoughts, words, and actions will ultimately come back to you in one form another. This is because, at the most basic level, everything is made up of the same connected energy. Although we are individual beings, we are still connected to this universal source of energy. So whatever we do to someone else, we are ultimately doing to ourselves.

This universal energy, that makes up everything in our existence, moves in a circular nature, which means that it returns back to itself. This what the saying, “What goes around comes around” means. Whatever you give others you will eventually get back yourself. It’s like a karmic boomerang. So, as you can see, it is in your own best interest to be loving, honest, and compassionate to others because your actions in that moment (and every moment) are creating your future.

The law of cause and effect is just one of the universal laws that teach us how to manage our own energy to be happier, healthier, more successful, and able to attract any future we desire.

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The Price of Wisdom

In this story, a man on his journey up the mountain came across Jesus and Buddha sitting down together.  The man was so inspired that he chose to ask them a question.

“How can I become wise and enlightened?” Asked the man.

Jesus and Buddha looked at each other and replied together, “Good Judgment.”

The man then asked, “How do I get good judgment?”

Jesus and Buddha then smiled and replied together, “Poor Judgment.”

I love this story because it shows us that our challenges and mistakes in life are a very important part of our growing experience.  When we experience a hardship or a mistake in life we have an opportunity to overcome that situation and to learn from it.  A perfect life with no mistakes is a life with no growth.  So the next time you face a challenge or have to overcome a mistake, see it as an opportunity for self improvement. We are all learning as we go. Some of us are learning more than others. The trick in life is not to make the same mistake twice.

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Inspiration of the Day


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Happiness is best when it is shared.

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The Cause of Most Diseases – Not Enough Joy in Life!

Recently, I was looking at app on my iPhone called “Heal Your Body” by Louise Hay of Hay House, Inc.  In this app, it lists all of the mental causes to the physical ailments we experience.

At first, it was amusing to see the causes for different ailments, but as I started to look deeper I noticed that the same few negative emotions were causing most of the diseases.

Here are few of those emotions:

  • Not enough Joy in life
  • Lack of love
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Worry
  • Frustration
  • Resistance
  • Not trusting the flow of life
  • Guilt

As you can see, all of these emotions are negative. A negative emotion is one that doesn’t make you feel good, while a positive emotion is one that always lift you up emotionally.

The premise that negative thoughts create diseases is not limited to Louise Hay. I have long believed that most of our physical ailments were caused by long-term negative mental  thinking. While I was writing my health chapter of my book, Awaken Your Power, I found a lot of documentation to support this claim.  Learn more at

So the trick to adding more joy to your life is to seek out the happiness that is already in your life now.  That could mean appreciating your own health, your children, your job, or more simple things like a breathtaking view, a cup of coffee, or your favorite song on the radio.

Remember that it takes the same amount of effort to focus on any emotion so why not focus on joy. Happiness is a choice not an outcome.

Until next time, all you need to do is Focus, Feel, and Expect to Awaken Your Power!

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How to Stay Happy in Any Situation – The Law of Relativity

Did you know that regardless of what happens to you, you are the one who decides how you feel in any given moment?

You are the one who is responsible for your own happiness.

How you react to whatever happens to you determines how any event will affect your life.

If someone cuts in front on you in line at a fast food restaurant you have a choice in how to react.  You can ignore it and let it pass, or you can confront that person.

If you ignore them, then you are not letting their actions affect how you feel and therefore maintaining control over how you feel.

If you choose to confront them you might get in a verbal or physical fight which will more than likely upset you for the remainder of the day. Is that really how you want your day to go?

Many people make the mistake of thinking it was the other person’s actions that made them react, when in reality we are the ones who chose exactly how to react.

This principle applies to all aspects of life. This simple realization that your thoughts and actions affect how you ultimately feel.  Once you start taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions you will find that you will become happier in all parts of your life.

The bottom line: Regardless of what happens to you. You are always in control of how you feel. If you don’t like how you feel, then change how you think to change how you feel.

What I am explaining here is the law of relativity which is one of the universal laws-nature’s rules for life- listed in Awaken Your Power! 

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