Still Working on eBook (Kindle) Glitch

You may or may not be aware, but there is a formatting glitch in the eBook (Kindle) version of my book, Awaken Your Power! that is causing some centering and spacing errors that make it look unprofessional.  With that being said, the eBook is still completely readable and looks okay, so feel free to order it on Kindle.  Just be forewarned that it looks like I published it myself without knowing how to correctly format the book to the Kindle eBook format. I have talked to Amazon and they have told me this is a publishing error by my publisher, Balboa Press.  I have also talked to Balboa Press and they are working to correct the problem as we speak.


Luckily, both the paperback and hard copy versions are correctly formatted are ready for purchase now.  Click the blue link to buy the hard copy,  or paperback versions.

You can also buy the Kindle versions of at and at now if you don’t mind a few formatting errors.

I appreciate your patience with this matter, and I will post another update when this issue has been resolved.

Think Your Future,

Joe Rapisarda!


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